Friday, December 1, 2017

Top 5 Customization Options for Your New Boat Dock

Dreaming of a custom boat dock, but not sure which options to include? Wondering which custom boat dock options will be best for you? Looking for ideas to optimize your custom boat dock?

You’re putting in a new boat dock and you’re going for it: customized! But you want to make sure you include all the essential features in your original design so you don’t have to go back and change anything later. To get it done right the first time, check out our top 5 customization options for your new boat dock:

  1. Good Looks: Don’t forget to consider the look of the dock on its own and the whole big picture! You can pick options to make sure your dock goes with the look of your house or other design aesthetics.
  2. Storage Solutions: Make sure your design includes attractive storage options to hide your gear but keep it accessible. Without storage solutions built-in, you’re likely to end up with an eye-sore like a plastic storage shed shoved into a corner.
  3. Use It for More: Get more use out of your dock by incorporating nontraditional elements like upper decks and metal roofs. These features can help turn your dock into something much more than just a place to dock your boat!
  4. Space for Toys: custom-built docks can easily be designed to include space to store and use an array of water vehicles from pontoons, to kayaks, to jet skis.
  5. How ‘bout Them Upgrades: running water, electricity, and multiple levels are the kind of features that will transform a boat dock into something much more. If you are dreaming of any of these upgrades, make sure they’re in the design now!

These options should help you design a custom boat dock that won’t be lacking anything! If you have questions about boat dock customization or aluminum boat docks, give us a call today.

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