Friday, April 20, 2018

The 4 Essential Types of Boat Dock Bumpers

Looking for boat dock bumpers but not sure what you need? Want to protect your boat and dock with the best bumpers available? Need more information about boat dock bumpers before you buy?

Anyone looking to protect the investment they’ve made in their boat and dock can’t go wrong with installing a full set of dock bumpers. But with so many options, it can be confusing knowing what to purchase. Our guide to the four essential types of boat dock bumpers simplifies your choice and makes it easy to find the best bumpers for you.

Simple Guide to Boat Dock Bumpers

Torpedo Post bumpers:
The pipe legs supporting your boat dock are susceptible to damage and pose a risk to your boat, too. With a durable and attractive design, torpedo bumpers wrap around dock pipes to cushion against impact and cover brackets and bolts to avoid damage to your boat.

Dock End Bumpers:
When you’re pulling in, the ends of the dock are potential point of damage for the dock and boat. Even a small miscalculation could leave you with a big bill! Consider end bumpers to protect your boat and dock. The wide variety of colors makes it easy to match your existing design while keeping your investment safe.

Side Stringer Bumpers:
This product fits along the edge of the dock and is particularly useful along a boat slip or any outer edges used to dock watercraft. The clean and attractive design lends a polished look to your dock while protecting it and your boat from hard landings or rough water conditions.

Heavy Duty Bumpers:
Larger vessels or rough waters sometimes require the extra strength protection heavy duty bumpers can provide. The thick, sturdy design of the product can be used in many ways, offering excellent security for your boat and dock.

Boat Dock Bumpers Made Simple with Alumi-Span

Whichever products you choose, boat dock bumpers are a crucial form of dock security no boater should go without. Use our guide to keep your options simple and make an informed decision. And you can make the protection of your dock even simpler when you trust the experts at Alumi-Span! Give us a call today to get all the answers you need about boat docks and bumpers.

Monday, April 2, 2018

How to Choose the Right Bumpers for Your Boat Dock

Do you need to shop for boat dock bumpers but aren’t sure where to start? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the options available for boat dock bumpers? Looking for a quick guide to get you started?

Hunting for the best boat dock accessories, like bumpers, can be a tough chore. With so many options available, it’s understandable that you would want a simple breakdown explaining exactly how to navigate the process. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a simple How-To guide that will help you purchase the right bumpers for your boat dock.

How to Choose Boat Dock Bumpers

Step 1: Determine the needs of your boat.

Do you have a larger boat like pontoon? Or something small like a simple motorboat? Your answer will help you determine what kind of bumpers your need! Larger boats will require more bumpers with a heavy duty design, while small boats can probably get away with less.

Step 2: Consider your waterway.

Is your waterfront property situated on a lazy river or do you have direct access to a large lake? The conditions you encounter at your dock will demand different types of bumpers. Boats docked on rougher waters might be well served by vertical bumpers that protect your dock and boat through fluctuations in water level.

Step 3: Explore your options.

Study some basic descriptions of boat dock dumpers.

  • Truck and trailer bumpers: cushy options to protect you boat in transit on a truck or trailer.
  • Torpedo post bumpers: a wraparound bumper that protects the pipes supporting your dock and covers protruding brackets and bolts.
  • Dock End Bumpers: pads that fit the ends of your dock for protection in a variety of colors.
  • Side Stringer Bumpers: pads that fit the exposed sides of your dock. Particularly useful for slips or edges where people pull up with their watercraft.
  • Vertical Bumpers: a long pad that runs perpendicular to the dock for security when water levels fluctuate significantly.
  • Heavy Duty Bumpers: extra thick and sturdy materials to protect docks for larger boats.

Step 4: Put it all together.

Simply keeping your boat, your waterway, and your basic options in mind will help you make the best choice in boat dock bumpers. But if you’re looking for more help with the purchase or installation, give us a call!

At Alumi-Span we have over 60 years’ experience with boat docks and accessories, and we can make sure you find answers to all your questions.

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