Friday, September 21, 2018

6 Reasons Why Top-Quality Dock Accessories Save You Money

Are you concerned about spending too much money on dock accessories?

Interested to know how investing in quality accessories can save you cash long-term?

Ready to make the smart choice in accessories for your boat dock?

You can’t get top-quality products for rock bottom prices. But just because you pay more up-front for quality doesn’t mean you’re not making a money-saving choice! With dock accessories, you have to think about all the ways a quality product saves you money long-term. When you do, you’ll see that taking the quality route is really the smart and thrifty choice.

Let’s look at a few ways quality accessories can save you money.

Quality dock accessories…

  1.  Are more durable. That means you won’t have to replace them as often as cheap alternatives, which saves you money. 
  2. Can improve dock safety. Choosing lower-quality or going without certain accessories can be a hazard on your dock or boat, which could eventually lead to accidents and potentially even medical bills. 
  3. Are likely to be tested. Testing products helps make them better, which means they are less likely to breakdown or fail unexpectedly and cause costly damage to your property. 
  4. May be covered by warranty or guarantee. This is often part of the cost when you get quality products. It can help you save money when damage or defect falls under coverage. 
  5. Make your dock easier to use. quality accessories are reliable and let you get more use out of your dock and boat, which means you’re getting more out of your investment. 
  6. Don’t detract from property value. Not only do quality accessories do their job well, they also look good doing it. Your dock, boat, and property will only look better next to these products. 

Shop quality dock accessories at Alumi-Span

We all try to save money where we can. That’s why it can be tempting to purchase products with the lowest price tag. But when you understand the true cost of dock accessories, we think you’ll see the value in the quality products we carry at Alumi-Span.

We offer only top-quality accessories carefully selected to be convenient, functional, durable, and made from U.S. materials because that’s what you deserve! To learn more about dock accessories at Alumi-Span, give us a call today.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

How Top-Quality Boat Dock Accessories Keep You Safer

Wondering what difference quality dock accessories make to dock safety?

Want to know how you can make your dock safer with top-quality accessories?

Not sure if quality accessories are worth the investment?

Some dock accessories are just for fun. But most of these products are crucial to keeping you and your family safer when enjoying the dock or boat. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to use top-quality accessories instead of DIY solutions or cheaper alternatives.

When you invest in quality dock accessories, you get products that are made with higher quality and more durable materials, are more likely to be tested by the manufacturer, and are less likely to unexpectedly fail. All that adds up not only to a superior product, but a product with that keeps you safer!

Check out these examples of just how important quality accessories are for safety on your dock:

  1. Corner pieces provide more room for people to walk on narrower sections of your dock. They also discourage you from jumping corners which can lead to dangerous falls. You want your corner pieces to stand up to the challenge. 
  2. Stairs help you maneuver the path to and from your deck more safely. This is particularly important for anyone less steady on their feet like young kids and seniors. To avoid accidents, make sure you’re going for quality here. 
  3. Ladders make water play at the dock easy and fun, but they’re also important for safety. If someone is struggling in the water, a ladder provides access to relief or can help you get to them faster. A ladder that serves you year and after year is well worth the cost. 
  4. Lights improve the usability of your dock by making is safer after dark and at dawn or dusk. It’s not hard to see how dangerous it could be if this accessory fails. 
  5. Bumpers protect your dock, boat, and passengers whenever you pull in and out of the slip. Quality accessories help keep all these precious things safe and ready for the next adventure. 

Find top-quality dock accessories at Alumi-Span

At Alumi-Span, we know that safety must always be a priority when it comes your dock and accessories. That’s why we have always offered top-quality accessories carefully selected to be convenient, functional, durable, and made from U.S. materials.

To learn more about the dock accessories we offer at Alumi-Span, give us a call today. We are ready to deck out your dock with the best!

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