Thursday, June 1, 2017

Design Ideas for Your Dock

Considering an upgrade to your current dock? Wondering what your options are for aluminum dock design?

If you’re redesigning or putting in a new dock at your property, the good news is that your design options are endless. The bad news? All those options can be overwhelming. Taking your basic dock needs into account puts your design options into 4 easy categories to choose from, and can simplify the process. Read about each category and find out what works for you!


Make your platform a simple and effective design for people looking for a spot to park a chair for leisurely fishing, or to dangle their feet into the water. Platform docks don’t have a dedicated space for a boat or other water vehicles, but can still be used to tie off a canoe or raft temporarily. The simple design also makes this option cost effective for waterfront activities.


A boat slip is a dedicated space for a boat you want to keep in the water throughout an entire season. If you’ll be docking a larger, motorized boat, a slip is probably a must-have design feature. The space will give your boat more protection and make pulling in and out of your property easier. You can easily incorporate multiple slips into your dock to suit your needs.


Trying to accommodate multiple vehicles, equipment, and large groups of people? Your best bet may be to go with a custom design delivered by seasoned professionals. Working with the right company may offer you solutions you never could have discovered on your own.

From simple to complex, we have your design needs covered! With over 50 years experience in the business, we can help you get a beautiful wood, vinyl, or aluminum dock that lasts. We also have plenty of tips to extend the life of your aluminum dock!

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