Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Boating on the Great Lakes

Looking forward to getting out on the water this summer? The time is almost here! As you prepare for warm weather, clear skies, and perfect boating days, it’s time to take advantage of living in the Midwest, and get out on the Great Lakes!

If you’re from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, or some eastern states like Pennsylvania and New York, you’ve got one of the Great Lakes within driving distance! Boaters from Canada can also access some of the Great Lakes easily.

The Great Lakes is one of the largest inland freshwater lake systems in the world. There are so many options for urban access, historical sites, water sports, fishing, and more fun summer activities.

There’s something for the whole family!

Looking for something to do on one of the Great Lakes? Check out our guide below:
  • Lake Erie – This is the shallowest of the five lakes, and the warmest. This lake runs along the northern coast of the state of Ohio, and also shares borders with Ontario, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York. Look for tourist destinations like Niagara Falls and Put-in-Bay.
  • Lake Huron – This Lake is easily accessible from several Metro Detroit cities and Canadian cities, as it sits along the St. Clair River. This lake is great for boating, swimming, and camping.
  • Lake Ontario – This is the easternmost Great Lake and is north of New York State. There are no large cities on the coast, which makes it perfect for smaller boats. There are almost 100 marinas along its shores, and it’s known as a good lake for fishing.
  • Lake Michigan – Lake Michigan has one of the largest Midwest cities along its shores – Chicago. Northern Michigan has many small towns that are perfect for docking and exploring.
  • Lake Superior – This is the largest and northernmost of all the lakes. This lake is always cold for a swim, but the scenery is beautiful, and many national parks and shorelines are great for family adventures, like Painted Rocks National Lakeshore and Isle Royale National Park.

If you’re planning a boating excursion on the Great Lakes this summer, make sure you have all the boating and dock accessories that you need for your trip! At Alumi-Span, we can help you get prepared for a boating trip of any length. Talk to one of our experts about boating, boat docks, and dock accessories.

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