Saturday, December 1, 2018

Should You Leave Your Aluminum Boat Dock in the Water for Winter?

Do you live in the northern part of the US, or the Midwest?

Do you have a residential boat dock at your home or vacation property?

 For most inland lake docks in states like Michigan, Indiana, or Wisconsin or any other northern state you will need to remove the dock in the winter. Piling driven commercial docks are built to withstand ice flows so they are the exception to the rule, however, most residential docks need to be removed.

There are many things that can happen if a dock is left in the water for the winter, but the bottom line in most cases is that parts will be destroyed!

If you’re not sure about leaving your aluminum boat dock in the water during the winter months, ask our team of experts! We’ve been building and installing aluminum boat docks for over 60 years and have the expertise and knowledge to help you. If you do have a dock that was damaged in the winter months, we can help with that too!

Contact us today to learn more.

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